"Preparing Notre Dame advanced degree students for careers in management consulting"

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Graduate Consulting Club (NDGCC) webpage. We are a graduate student-led initiative of the Center for Career Development opening to all Notre Dame graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in pursuing management consulting as a career.



Guoqiang Liu


As a 5th-year PhD student enrolled in the Integrated Biomedical Science Program (IBMS), I possess expertise in drug delivery and cancer immunotherapy. Additionally, I have a keen interest in leveraging my financial acumen and statistical skills to undertake business analysis. Through the Graduate Consulting Club, our primary objective is to assist graduate students seeking a transition from academia to consulting by providing them with the necessary preparation.

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Samir El Idrissi


Samir received his Bachelors in Molecular Biology from Loyola University. He is currently an IBMS PhD student at University of Notre Dame.

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Xuechun Wang

Vice President of Finance

Xuechun Wang is a graduate student pursuing a dual degree in Statistics and Biology.  She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in both fields. She is now looking to put her skills to use in a consulting role, where she can help organizations solve complex problems and make data-driven decisions. Xuechun is eager to join a team of like-minded professionals and positively impact the world.

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Luis Avila

Vice President of Organization

Luis Avila is a Ph.D. candidate in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Program. His work within antibiotic resistance research among virulent bacterial pathogens has led to Fellowship awards and published articles across top-ranked scientific journals. He is interested in solving complex and ambiguous problems by establishing data-driven solutions that enable growth and achievement of organizational goals. Luis is a team player and thrives in collaborative environments and always looks for new challenges and ways to make a positive impact for clients and NDGCC.

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